313 Miles Per Gallon? Volkswagen's XL1 concept car makes this claim

by | Jan 27, 2011 11:12 AM ET

Take one gallon of diesel fuel and drive 313 miles - that is the claim of Volkswagen's XL1 concept car:

VW unveils an ultra-efficient car

The XL1, which seats two adults, combines a 0.8 litre two cylinder diesel engine with an electric motor.
The car is constructed around a carbon fibre reinforced polymer monocoque to reduce the weight to just 795 kilos.

These two videos show what the car looks like:

However, there is something about this announcement that feels not-quite-right. If they are capable of 300 MPG, wouldn't it seem reasonable that there would already be a predecessor, like a 100 MPG car, on the road? It seems like 100 MPG would be easy if you can do 300 MPG in a concept car.

And in Volkwagen's case, the 100 MPG car does exist. It is the L1. It has been rumored and teased for a decade as a production car - the latest production date is 2013:

But the L1 is tiny, low and narrow. It has tandem seating, and it weighs only 380 kg - half that of the XL1.

So if the tiny, low, narrow, tandem, featherweight L1 gets only 170 MPG, how can the much bigger, twice as heavy XL1 get 313 MPG?

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