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Thank You and Best Wishes to Marshall Brain
by Contributors | Jun 15, 2011
We wanted to let you know that Marshall Brain will be leaving Discovery and HowStuffWorks to pursue new ventures and opportunities. Over the past 13 years, Marshall created HowStuffWorks from scratch and then helped grow it into the company that it h[...] See more »
Contest - Design a $300 house and win $25,000
by Marshall Brain | May 10, 2011
If you go to We have looked at several ideas in this arena in the - - - - - See also: See more »
How the Philtrum works - the place under your nose where your face comes together
by Marshall Brain | May 10, 2011
This quick video offers a perspective on where the philtrum (the two bumps under your nose and above your lips) comes from: According to the video: "This whole amazing process - the bits coming together to produce a recognizable human face - hap[...] See more »
Interesting Reading #747 - Printing Parts for Airplanes, Peugeot EX1, Cheap solar power and much more!
by Marshall Brain | May 9, 2011
Peugeot EX1 Now Holds The Electric Car Lap Record At Nurburgring GE and EADS to Print Parts for Airplanes Apple is world's most valuable brand Sony is not: Solar Fire Breakthrough An update on Coreboot Ubisoft Releases New Developer Diary for its Up[...] See more »
How Thumper Trucks Work - Trucks that create earthquakes to do underground imaging
by Marshall Brain | May 9, 2011
This video was taken in California recently and is titled "Earthquake Testing Trucks In Action" by the person who created it: He says: "This is going on wardlow avenue out in front of my house. I thought it was an earthquake at first a[...] See more »
Good question - How do you learn to be a race car driver? Whether you are a kid or an adult
by Marshall Brain | May 9, 2011
Let's say you are an adult and you have always wanted to be a race car driver. Or let's say you are a kid, without a driver's license, and you would like to learn to be a race car driver. You have several options. One relatively inexpensive way is to[...] See more »
The amazing things you can load into a shotgun shell and shoot from a shotgun
by Marshall Brain | May 9, 2011
What can you shoot out of a shotgun? It turns out that there are a surprising variety of things... Let's say you are going to use a shotgun for hunting. A typical shotgun shell shoots a small handful of pellets. You pick the size of the pellets based[...] See more »
Interesting Reading #746 - Eee Transformer, DARPA Star Trek, Sitting Can Kill You, SlutWalking, Bioprinting and much more!
by Marshall Brain | May 8, 2011
Eee Transformer Demand "Far" Outpacing Expectations For Asus Apple could adopt ARM for laptops, but why would it? What you should know about iTunes' 56-page legal terms We're Being Spied on, Thanks to Facebook Seagate introduces 1TB per pla[...] See more »
How to shrink a PC into a TINY package and then charge only $25 for it
by Marshall Brain | May 6, 2011
Can you take all the parts of a PC, fit them onto a board that is the size of a stick of gum and then charge $25 for it? Seeing is believing: The first line of the video is so simple, but also mind-blowing: The website for the device is: Raspberry Pi[...] See more »
Interesting Reading #745 - Synthetic Blood, Amazing dashboard, Human cat ears, 4,000 MPH vactrain and much more!
by Marshall Brain | May 5, 2011
Plans for a 4,000mph underwater train from New York to London How can I best view the ETA Aquarids meteor shower? Brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans created by Japanese Neurowear Transfusion of Synthetic Blood Saves Woman's Life Video: MIT's Ne[...] See more »
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