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I am best known as the founder of HowStuffWorks. I started Howstuffworks.com in 1998 as a hobby, and it has been fun to watch it grow ever since.

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If you go to 300house.com you can learn about a fascinating project/contest whose goal is to design a $300 house for the world’s two billion poorest inhabitants: We started with five simple questions: * How can organic, self-built slums be turned into livable housing? * What might a house-for-the-poor look like? * How can world-class […]

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This quick video offers a perspective on where the philtrum (the two bumps under your nose and above your lips) comes from: According to the video: “This whole amazing process – the bits coming together to produce a recognizable human face – happens in the womb between two and three months.” Other people see the […]

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Peugeot EX1 Now Holds The Electric Car Lap Record At Nurburgring – “Peugeot EX1, the all-electric concept car now holds the electric car lap record at Germany’s Nürburgring circuit. The car was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, and has already broken half a dozen speed records up till now….” GE and EADS to […]


This video was taken in California recently and is titled “Earthquake Testing Trucks In Action” by the person who created it: He says: “This is going on wardlow avenue out in front of my house. I thought it was an earthquake at first and ran outside when my house started to shake.” So why are […]

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Let’s say you are an adult and you have always wanted to be a race car driver. Or let’s say you are a kid, without a driver’s license, and you would like to learn to be a race car driver. You have several options. One relatively inexpensive way is to start by driving a kart, […]

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What can you shoot out of a shotgun? It turns out that there are a surprising variety of things… Let’s say you are going to use a shotgun for hunting. A typical shotgun shell shoots a small handful of pellets. You pick the size of the pellets based on the size of what you are […]

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Eee Transformer Demand “Far” Outpacing Expectations For Asus – “Wondering why it’s so hard to find an Eee Transformer these days? It’s not because there’s not enough parts to make things, or that there’s a problem with the quality. According to Netbook News, who contacted Asus spokesperson David Chang, it’s just because the device is […]


We’ve all seen water balloons pop in slow motion. But what if the water balloon is six feet in diameter? Here’s what happens: This leads to the obvious question: where do you get a balloon like that? Here is one place: Cloud Buster balloons [[[Jump to previous Funny...]]] If you would like to follow Brainstuff […]

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Can you take all the parts of a PC, fit them onto a board that is the size of a stick of gum and then charge $25 for it? Seeing is believing: The first line of the video is so simple, but also mind-blowing: This little device is the prototype version of a Raspberry Pi […]

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Plans for a 4,000mph underwater train from New York to London – “Vacuum Tube Train: A 4,000-mph magnetically levitated train could allow you to have lunch in Manhattan and still get to London in time for the theater, despite the 5-hour time difference. It’s not impossible: Norway has studied neutrally buoyant tunnels (concluding that they’re […]


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