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Katherine started out at HowStuffWorks.com as the corporate librarian. She's since edited and written her way through a series of books, a newspaper column, Express magazine and the Web site. A southerner for real, Katherine has a deep and abiding love of sweet tea and can rock an accent on command. Her life's soundtrack would absolutely include Bessie Smith, Dolly Parton, Louis Prima, the Pressure Boys, Santigold and the Beastie Boys. Katherine currently resides out in the country with her hunky ex-rugby playing husband and their scarily intelligent Jack Russell/Beagle, the S-grrrl. She prefers freestyle to scripted, hand-beaded over bedazzled and figures the mobster lobsters from Vegas could probably crush onion head. You can find Katherine on Twitter at @HowtoStuffHSW and on Facebook at the official How-to Stuff page.

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“Please eat your vegetables!” How many parents spend mealtimes making that heartfelt plea to their kids only to get a resounding, “No!!” in reply? A lot. So much so that a plethora of recipes abound that incorporate good-for-you foods using slight-of-hand techniques or full on deception. But what if you want to serve something without all the subterfuge? Sometimes it’s all in the name. After the jump, find out how to make a truly magical-sounding treat that’s tasty and healthy too!

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If you read my how to know when it’s time for a new pet post, then you know I lost my dog Sadie to cancer almost a year ago and that I was having difficulty trying to figure out when I’d be ready for a new pet. Well that time finally came, sort of, and we’ve got ourselves a new family member. After the jump, find out how to welcome home a new dog.

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If you’ve read this post, then you know I’m a strawberry fan. And you also know that May is National Strawberry Month. So, of course, in celebration of this (and other things), I found myself happily picking strawberries with friends on Saturday. We were pretty industrious — my husband and I managed to pick several pounds. After the jump, find out what I made with all those berries!

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Over the course of four days, I toured the world. Early Thursday morning, I went from Quincy, Mass., to Amposta, Catalonia, Spain. Next, I went from Havana to Tel Aviv. And later that day, I traveled from Chile to Jamaica. And I did it all without boarding an airplane. More after the jump.

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In honor of spring, what with all the fabulous scents swirling around outside — and inside thanks to new fragrances hitting store shelves — last week I wrote a blog post on how to select a new scent. As a fun follow-up to that post, I decided to ask what fragrances my coworkers at HowStuffWorks are currently favoring. So, if you’ve ever wondered what the HowStuffWorks offices and their inhabitants smell like, you’re in luck. More after the jump.

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Spring has officially arrived — as witnessed by the purple, white and yellow blooms abounding in my front yard. Along with these bright colors comes an array of delightful scents wafting by in the breeze … and at your local mall.

Yes, that’s right — the mall.

If you’ve somehow missed all the colorful ads splashing around the Internet or the teasers in your print magazines, here’s some news: Spring is a popular time of year for new fragrances to hit the market. And what better way is there to take advantage of this than shopping for a new scent.

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Last week, one of my pals posted this comment to her FaceBook page — “Sprinter: My least favorite season to dress for.” And a “what not to wear” follow-up: “… a lightweight cardigan with cords!” I was in total agreement with Candace as I’d made a similar mistake by pulling out a three-quarter sleeve cardi a little too soon — it simply didn’t transition to my après work plans. Far too chilly. So, how does one manage to be stylish but still comfortable during sprinter? More after the jump.

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I recently posted about attending a super cool art show in a refurbished, slightly fancified barn. The work of one of the artists really resonated. When asking him about how he makes his sculptures, which is pretty fascinating, I realized many of the How-to Stuff readers would be interested in hearing this artist’s story, too. Lucky for us, Chris Beck is a very gracious person. So here’s a little about him and how he’s managed to turn his avocation into his vocation — making a living doing something he clearly loves (and something he’s very clearly good at).

Chris typically invests around 30 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less) in each sculpture, which is made from old roofing tin. On the first day, it takes at least 10 hours to get the metal “crunched and wrinkled and beat up.” On the second day, Chris spends his time … more after the jump.

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Last weekend, in a refurbished, slightly fancified barn about five miles from my house, I had the pleasure of meeting a very eclectic group of people. There was a lady who has her own patent. There was a guy who spends a lot of time with masking tape and another who scavenges for old roofing tin. And along with them were “The Dot Man” and “The Flag Man.” So what do all these folks have in common? Find out after the jump.

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When I walk into the room, this is what I see — visually alluring creations all filling me with glee. ZZZZZZZpppp. Sorry, I seem to have a serious LMFAO earworm going on this morning. So yeah, like a lot of people, I love a good gallery crawl. I especially loved them when I was a recent graduate with a very limited budget. Find out why after the jump.

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