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Yesterday in Los Angeles, Google finally opened its Music service to the public in an official press event. The service, which has been in beta for a few months now, officially allows users to store up to 20,000 songs for free.

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Online retailer Amazon.com is in negotiations with publishers to create a digital library service for customers of its Amazon Prime service, according to Stu Woo and Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg of The Wall Street Journal. The authors compared the service to the movie-rental and video-streaming service Netflix, where people would be able to access electronic books as part of the $79-per-year service that includes unlimited two-day shipping and streaming video.

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Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department filed a suit to block telecommunications giant AT&T from acquiring T-Mobile USA based on concerns that the proposed deal would make the mobile telephone marketplace less competitive, according to Bloomberg’s Tom Schoenberg, Sara Forden and Jeff Bliss. CNET’s Don Reisinger quoted an AT&T spokesperson, Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel Wayne Watts, who said that his company had worked with the Department of Justice to answer its questions and was surprised that the agency had filed suit.

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The media have been talking about how some rioters in London have been using smartphones and social media sites to coordinate their movements to avoid being caught by the authorities. Zack Whittaker at ZDNet wrote that while some people are using Facebook and Twitter, one of the tools of choice is the BlackBerry Messenger, which encrypts messages so they can’t be read by third parties.

For its part, Research in Motion (RIM), BlackBerry’s parent company, said it would cooperate with the authorities to identify people alleged to have participated in the riots, though according to the BBC the police have to prove they know the identities of the phones’ owners under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act before they can acquire the records, rather than searching messages for people using riot-related keywords in text messages, e-mail and social media posts.

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Pandora Radio launched an initial public offering (IPO) of company stock this morning, with some success. According to Wired’s Sam Gustin, the company priced the offering at $16 per share, which would value the company at about $2.6 billion. As it turned out, the stock opened at $20. From there it went up to $26, and dropped somewhat. At the end of the day when markets closed, Pandora ended up at $17.42 per share.

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HowStuffWorks.com Tech Editor Holly Frey’s done at E3 2011 — here’s her wrapup from day three.

Alright, on Thursday there was no messing around. I would have some special together time with the Wii U no matter what! The last two days, I visited the area of the show floor I lovingly call Nintendo City, but to get actual play time with the Wii’s successor would have taken a minimum of a five-hour wait in line. That’s not a typo or fever dream. Five hours, minimum.

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Follow HowStuffWorks.com Tech Editor Holly Frey on her adventures at E3 2011! Here’s what she had to say about her second day on the show floor:

I started my day by killing bikini-clad zombies with a boat oar. How was your morning?

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This year HowStuffWorks.com sent Tech Editor Holly Frey to the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Since she doesn’t have her own blog account yet, I’ll be posting her updates this week. Judging by what I’ve read, she’s having a good time!

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Today was the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC. The event is a little different than other Apple conferences; with the focus on developers, the tone is more likely to be about software than the latest gadget or an updated computer line. There was a lot of news, but few surprises at today’s event.

There were few surprises at today’s event. CEO Steve Jobs, who has been on medical leave, made an appearance to lead the keynote, which finally revealed the cloud service that many had been expecting for some time.

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Late this afternoon I saw an announcement that Google might be preparing to launch a mobile payment service that uses near-field communications (NFC). Olga Kharif and Greg Bensinger wrote about it at Bloomberg Businessweek. The new system would use Google’s Android operating system and would require specially equipped phones to operate. Bensinger and Kharif said three sources said Google will begin service in five cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

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