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Holly is a busy bee. When she's not editing articles at HowStuffWorks.com, she's usually sewing something or running. But she still finds time to ravenously devour more than her fair share of television, film and video games. She's also a crazy cat lady.

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At the end of our S.S. Arctic podcast, we read a letter from listener Lucy about her upcoming trip to New Orleans, and asked for other listeners to share ideas of perfect excursions for someone new to the city with limited time. Boy, did you deliver! Here’s a list of favorite sights, sounds and eats […]

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Today was day two of E3. It was also the day game four of the Stanley Cup finals was happening at the Staples Center (RIGHT NEXT to the LA Convention Center that hosts E3) AND the day that the president was coming to Beverly Hills. In short, Los Angeles became mayhem. THAT was fun. Leaving […]

Both Tracy and I are dyed-in-the-wool fans of pretty much everything Joss Whedon does, and we’re definitely not alone. Why do his fans adore him, even though he often drags them through the emotional wringer? Will all of the heroes in “The Avengers” survive intact? Spoiler alert: We’re going to talk about all the things […]

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There are so many things we didn’t get to in this podcast! Ultra marathoners, the polarizing effect of Dean Karnazes, Eddie Izzard’s 43 marathons for charity — the list goes on. And even so, it’s a long episode. Here’s what we DID manage to cover: The Color Run, and how you can maybe manage to […]

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It’s Oscar time! We had been thinking of doing what everyone else does, a show about the nominees for Best Film, but the field is huge. Instead, we focused on my favorite category: costumes! I kind of feel like this episode is a guilty pleasure, because I really can yap about costumes for hours on […]

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We have established that Tracy is in fact a real woman and not a drag queen. But we both sure do adore drag queens! The verve, the sparkle, the glamor — what’s not to love? We do a quick rundown on the differences between drag, transvestism and transgender. RuPaul confuses us by using the same […]

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What lucky ducks we are to have so many things to entertain us. I think we both felt a little guilty about categorizing this as a problem. Once we got past that feeling that we’re horrible people, here’s what we talked about.


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