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Everyone in the United States who uses the Internet should read this message from Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) and take action

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This message from Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) is very short and simple:

A Note to Google Users on Net Neutrality

Think about this: why are there only 200 or 300 TV channels available on your TV, and they cost $100 month, while there are millions of websites available on the Internet for free? That is net neutrality at work. “The phone and cable monopolies” control your TV access and limit what you are allowed to watch. Right now, the Internet is a wide open, neutral, level playing field for everyone. It lets millions of people start web sites without impediment and see what happens.

Or think about this: If “the phone and cable monopolies” (to use Eric Schmidt’s words) get their way, they will start charging incredible amounts of money. For what? What value are they adding? The Internet that we have now allows anyone in the U.S. to access any website freely and equally. Once “the phone and cable monopolies” get their way, they will be charging incredible amounts of money to degrade service. In what universe would you want to pay more money for less service? It makes no sense.

The free and open Internet as we know it today is in danger of being destroyed by “the phone and cable monopolies”. These companies want to take something that is free and open to everyone and highly constrain it. In the world envisioned by “the phone and cable monopolies”, it would be much harder for everyone (from entrepreneurs to “normal people”) to start a new web site and let people see it.

Eric Schmidt puts it this way: “Creativity, innovation and a free and open marketplace are all at stake in this fight. Please call your representative (202-224-3121) and let your voice be heard.”

This article is also very current and very relevant:

Obama’s FCC to Abandon Net Neutrality?

According to an article in the Washington Post, Genachowski may sit on his hands rather than “reclassify” broadband to make sure the FCC can protect Internet users. The decision not to reclassify would be a grave mistake – one that would threaten the Internet as we know it.

A recent federal appeals court decision jeopardized the FCC’s authority to establish Net Neutrality protections and carry out its National Broadband Plan.

Chairman Genachowski can fix this by reclassifying broadband as a “telecommunications service” under Title II of the Communications Act – where it was in the first place before a Bush FCC changed it, creating the mess we’re encountering now.

That article recommends that you use this form to send a message to the FCC chairman.

These videos will help you learn more about the effects of net neutrality:

If you would like to learn more about net neutrality:
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